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Messages - fred

Quote from: benDan on May 22, 2009, 11:32:32 PM
I works fine now ... Win7 doesn't gag atall!

Way to go!
A was a bit worried about Win 7 but as it has the same kernel as Vista.
That's one mayor installation problem solved.  ::)
Questions / Re: ATI GPU status not shown
May 22, 2009, 03:13:07 PM
Quote from: Corsair on May 22, 2009, 02:35:36 PM
Hi Fred,

as you said and I've check about CUDA is only for NVIDIA GPU, but as
"Whish List" could be fine to have at least the status/Temperature of
ATI GPUs, just for info, with no Throttle as there is no way of Throttling
it, because there is no BOINC software designed at this moment.  :'(

Cheears all, Corsair.

P.D. English is not my mother tongue, but for my job I've to work everyday,
everytime in English, as I'm a mariner and as captain of Tankers (Oil, Gas,
Chemicals) this of Throttling a valve (word, action) is the most frequent in
Loading and unloading a vessel, the point is that I never care about the
traslation to Spanish, becuase I've always been with non Spanish crews and
I know the meaning (in English) and the effects, and some days ago I look for
in the dictionary for the proper translation of such word, when I saw that I nearly
cried "regular (verb), regulador (name)", that's life when we mix our native
language with others that we use to use frequently, something like Spanglish.  ;)
It's on the wish list.
And I posted a signed driver in the FAQ board.

English is not my mother tongue; but as long as we understand each other.
But I stay in the US a couple of months a year so that helps some. ;D
Good sailing, even without a sail but you never know, as they start equipping (freight) ships with sails again.
FAQ / Signed drivers
May 22, 2009, 03:04:36 PM
Signed drivers 32/64 are now part of the regular installer as of V 1.58.

Run sigverif to check if the drivers are signed.
This is the driver I signed, it passed all my test, but I don't have W7 yet.
Download this. Copy it into the efmer/tthrottle directory. Start installdriver and choose remove. Start installdriver again and choose install.
Perhaps this will work ;D.
Warning: This is the 64Bit driver !
FAQ / Cuda Tab
May 21, 2009, 10:37:47 AM
Everything in this Tab is a bit experimental so take extra care and report any problems to me.

When clicking on this tab you get the message:

You need to enable TThrottle by setting "Auto Active" otherwise this will not work.
If you don't need the throttle set the temperatures to a high setting.

"Enable Graph"
A graph is drawn of the total runtime (process and threads).
The white line is the overall total run time so far, in a percentage of the core run time.
The yellow line is the actual run time per second, in a percentage of the core run time.

"Enable Text"
Text is displayed, with info about the Process and its Threads.
You can see the Kernel (Windows) and User (Program) run time as well as the current priority assigned to the process and its threads.

Priority setting: See other chapter in this forum

Feature supported as of V 1.58

Checkout the manual:
You need to enable TThrottle by setting "Auto Active" otherwise this will not work.

The CPU/GPU feeder program, called something like MB_6.08_CUDA.exe, feeds the CPU with data (CUDA).

To keep the GPU busy it is essential that the CPU keeps sending data as fast as possible, failing to do so can mean that less work is done.
TThrottle has a tab called "Thread" and a priority setting. Normal this is set to "Keep" this means TThrottle doesn't change a thing.
By clicking on "Text" you can see the current priority settings of the program and its threads.
Elevating the priority  to "Below Normal" or "Normal" can get you a better feeding of the GPU.
The downside is that other programs get less time assigned, so this may cause the keyboard to freeze at times. If this features gives some results (feedback please) I will add a method to switch this on, only when the computer is not in use.

:o WARNING: A priority setting above Normal may create an instable system as there may not be enough time for other critical tasks! So be aware of the danger. A higher setting than normal is only to be used on a system with at least 4 cores and even than the results may be unpredictable.

Thread: Is a program started by the main program.

Priority: The higher the priority the more likely the program or threads get time assigned to it to run.
From high to low the priorities are: High - Above Normal - Normal - Below normal - Low (idle).
Idle threads run only when the system is not busy with anything else. This is the normal project setting of projects running in BOINC.

PID: Program identifier, all running programs and threads have a unique number assigned to it.

Kernel: The Windows program doing something for the program or thread.
User: The program or thread itself.

Feature supported as of V 1.58

Checkout the manual:

As of version 1.73 this feature is no longer part of the default installation. On the download page look for TThrottle Special Edition.

A stand alone version is now available:
Quote from: benDan on May 20, 2009, 06:42:14 PM
Correction ... F8 will work, I just tried it again.
My bad, but not acceptable for an unattended number cruncher that may reboot after power outage.
I had hoped to set up a Windows 7 computer this week. But the new computer is still not here....hopefully soon.
The order for a signing certificate is send and paid, so I have to wait for the approval. So maybe there is a signed driver before the end of the month.
You have to live with the F8 key for a couple of days. ;D


Quote from: sscouby on May 18, 2009, 09:06:12 PM
it's good, with the new version it doesn't crach.
Thanks fred !
you're welcome, I will try to think of testing it sometimes, with upcoming releases.

Questions / Re: ATI GPU status not shown
May 18, 2009, 07:46:11 AM
Quote from: Corsair on May 17, 2009, 06:00:23 PM
tell me how could I help with that and I'll try.

thanks for the quick answer.

Cheer / Corsair.
I'm in the middle of testing some things for reading and setting the CUDA run priority on the fly. To see if I can get some extra work out of it  ;D.
It's on my list and I will see if it is possible.

Quote from: Corsair on May 17, 2009, 07:46:48 PM
Hi all,

same as Subject, but, How??

Cheers / Corsair.

P.D.: reply to my email address accepted.  ;)

I send you the files you need.

Quote from: sscouby on May 15, 2009, 09:14:39 AM
Ok thanks, I will waiting for the next version
The next version 1.57 is on line.
Questions / Re: ATI GPU status not shown
May 17, 2009, 05:46:35 PM
Quote from: Corsair on May 17, 2009, 05:37:32 PM
:) Hi everybody,

I've four computer at home, three with windows xp pro x64 sp2 (English MUI Spaniard)
& one laptop with xp pro x86 sp3 (Spaniard).

two computer with xp pro x64 sp2 & GPU NVIDIA show correct GPU boxes and
temperature too, [AMD Athlon64 & AMD Athlon64 x2].

one computer with xp pro x64 sp2 & GPU ATI the squares for the GPU is not shown
(in this computer is shown only one temperature with four cores working in BOINC and the
temperature of the cores is absolutely the same) [AMD Phenon64 x4].  :(

laptop with xp pro x86 sp3 & GPU ATI, same as above with the GPU   ????????? [AMD Turion64].  :(

TTrottle 1.56 x64 in the three computers with XP x64 and 
TTrottle 1.57 x86 in XP x86 laptop installed (and working in the temperature Trottle).

Cheers / Corsair

As far as I know the AMD processor only has one temperature sensor for all cores, so with AMD all cores report the same temperature.
At the moment the  AMD/ATI GPU is not supported, because as far as I know this GPU is not yet used in any BOINC project I know of.
But I will add support for it, if I have some users who actually use the AMD/ATI GPU and can do some testing. I will get one myself next week so I can do some testing as well.
"Auto active" is the only way to start things.
I have found the problem, it was as I expected. In the next release, probably early next week, this problem will be resolved.
And I expect a French version in a couple of weeks as well.
Quote from: sscouby on May 15, 2009, 08:25:17 AM
It is necessary that have boinc to run TThrottle ? because i just want runthis software to reduce the temperature of my processor.
If i desactivate "auto active",TThrottle rude my prcessor temperature ?
I will post the log as soon as possible
Frankly I never tested it on a computer that did not have BOINC installed for a while.
I will do that, it should work without BOINC, but I probably forgot something, because I did no testing.
Quote from: sscouby on May 14, 2009, 02:42:03 PM
I have installed tthrottle because to control my CPU temperature.
In the first tab "Program" I put in "Set Core" : 60
When I activate "auto active" 10 second after I have an error message : "Un argument non valide a été détecté" and after each second a have the same error message and i must kill the process to stop TThrottle.
I can't see the logfile so.
What is the solution
(I have an AMD thurion)

PS : Sorry for my english I'm french

Try to deactivate "auto active" and try the logging tab.
Copy the logging tab and send it to me.

If you can't copy the TThrottle log. Copy the first part of the BOINC log and also the part that shows the projects that are running.
And tell me if you are running as user or administrator.