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Wish List / Re: Expanding/Contracting Applications
April 09, 2013, 04:27:20 PM
Quote from: fred on April 06, 2013, 09:59:53 AM
A suggestion:

Extra->Show only running tasks
Add a gadget window: Extra->BoincTasks settings->Gadget Mode sholw all computers.

I have the gadget always on top.
The gadget is what I use the most it gives the info how much work is still on the computers in Wu and time.

Question:  Why do I not get an email notifying me of a posting to my threads?

I just noticed that Extra > Filter (combine) tasks on provides for this collapsing ability.  You just have to enable the Running option.
I don't know if the previous versions had this or not, but if it is new, then thank you.

In the BOINCTasks program, Ready to report tasks can contract to provide linear room on the screen.  With all the possible tasks contracted, I am still running out of room with my four current computers.  I am about to bring a fifth computer on line and there will not be any monitoring room left.

Is it possible to make the Status Running contractible?  Running is taking up most of the lines on the screen.  Contracting these lines will provide room to add more computers for monitoring and as long as the Running tasks are running there really is no need to see all of the Running tasks in detail.  And, of course, if one does wish to see a group of Running tasks in detail, one could always click and expand that grouping.

Thanks for the consideration,
Wish List / Re: Support for the new "app_config"
March 31, 2013, 11:41:44 PM
Quote from: BeemerBiker on January 19, 2013, 03:51:54 PM... If they do implement my suggestion then your cc_config tool would allow easy edit of app_config and app_info else you would have to add an "edit app_config" to boinctasks...
FYI - The app_config.xml file replaces the app_info.xml file in the new revisions of the Pre-Release versions of BOINCs program.  Whether you use Windows or Linux, app_config.xml can be found or needs to be created in the projects > folder.  These folders will be inside other folders, but you should only have one combination of such folders on your computer.

Here is an example of the app_config.xml file...


The cc_config.xml file will still be located in the BOINC folder.

A little trick I figured out, because I was always modifying the app_config.xml file, until I found the best configuration for my computer, was to create a Shortcut of the app_config.xml and move the Shortcut to the Desktop.  This provided easy access to the file.  As soon as I was happy with the files' configuration, it was easy to delete the Shortcut link.

I hope this information helps someone.
Wish List / Re: Folding@Home
March 30, 2013, 09:13:57 PM
Quote from: fred on March 30, 2013, 08:30:48 PMAt the moment there are no plans for Folding.
Folding is less used and less open to other programs.
Everything has to start somewhere, but thanks for considering it.  Once I figured out all the workings of BoincTasks, I really liked it.  Unfortunately, F@A is not part of BOINC.  I found an app for F@A, but looks like amateur night compared to BoincTasks...
Wish List / [Resolved] Folding@Home
March 29, 2013, 09:02:06 PM
Is there any plans to develop a BoincTasks for Folding@Home?
Or, is there such a program and I just can't find it.

Questions / [Resolved] Signature
January 15, 2013, 04:24:00 PM
I just joined your forum and I would like to set up my Signature so as to provide the necessary information about my system to provide the best means of obtaining the best answer to my Thread.  However, I can find no access in my Profile to the edit my Signature.  Is this because I'm new or am I just not looking in the right place?


PS your Verification system is not very user friendly.  I had to log in to access this editor, now I have to enter letters that can hardly be read and other queries just so I can provide feedback to help improve your product.  Not very user friendly at all.